The Gilded Unicorn

Steel Serpent Necklace

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Cunning, brave, sleek, fearless... If you need inspiration, look no further than the spirit of the serpent.
You know what you want; and you’re determined to get paid what you’re worth. 
No shame in that. 
Some people might be intimidated by you, jealous of your confidence, or even afraid of you; but what they think of you is none of your business. 
You are strong, smart, and courageous. 
Nowhere is it written what the limits of your capabilities are. 
But you, boss lady, don’t worry about that. 
You just grind.
This sturdy, gold or silver plated stainless steel likeness of the serpent helps you remember what you’re made of; nerves of steel, heart of gold, and a ton of ambition.