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Galactic Moon Lamp with Stand

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When we see this lamp, we all like to paint a picture in our heads of kids around a pillow fort, staring at the beautiful likeness of the cosmos before them.

But what’s really going to happen is that you’re gunna smoke a doobie, turn this thing on, and talk about times that y’all saw UFO’s.
And, I mean... why not? 

With the touch of a button on a little remote, this gorgeous galaxy moon lamp displays a relaxing glow of galactic awesomeness, anytime and anywhere.
With a fully charged battery, you have 6-8 hours of usage time for on-the-go galaxy-ing.
You can even bring it camping, for when you want to continue the campfire stories inside the tent. (I’m not judging you, it gets cold out there, y’all.)

Includes charging cable, remote, and stand so you’re ready to go, straight outta the box.

Made of sturdy and durable PVC so it won’t get hot or break with regular usage. 
Comes with a 400 mAh lithium internal battery that will need to charge 2-4 hours before first usage.
Uses a universal DC5V for convenience. 
Choose from 4 sizes: 
3.93 inches (car or desk sized)
4.72 inches (desk or table size)
5.9 inches (display size)
7.0 inches (partyyy size)