The Holiday Hold-Up & Welcoming 2021

Well, hello, gorgeous!

We hope you’ve been well. 

Obviously, we’re all looking forward to totally ditching 2020 and all of the negative vibes that it represents. 
That being said, January is going to be busy for us here. 😅

We’re swapping out some of our suppliers, discontinuing others, and coming out with lots of new designs! 

This will mean more selection, lower prices, and shorter shipping times. Hurrah. 
This is big for us, as some of our December orders are still in transit. 😬

Mmhm, that’s the kind of thing we’re really trying to avoid in the future. 
(Also, sorry about that, y’all. We’re dropping something in the mail for you as we speak...type.)

It may sound cliche to make New Years Resolutions, but maybe we shouldn’t discount it too quickly. 

If it helps even one person change their life, it’s worth a shot, right? 

After all, New Year’s Resolutions don’t exist to make you beat yourself up and feel immense guilt every time you slip up. 

They exist to help you become the best version of yourself that you possibly can - one year at a time. 

We hope your January is full of blessings, growth, and opportunity! 

The Gilded Unicorn